We work with all the major RV lending banks and can therefore offer better terms and rates than your local bank or credit union. We have been in the RV industry since 1969 and understand the needs of the RV buyer and can answer questions that will enable you to make informed decisions about the best financing program for your individual needs. We can help you with the lowest rates and varied program that best suit your needs.

Financing with us is an uncomplicated process. The RV banks understand that an RV buyer is a good credit risk and they can offer extended length of terms that may not be available from your local credit union or bank.  We have the lowest ‘honest’ finance rates available. If you find a lower rate we would appreciate a call. 

 We remind you to beware, there is no ‘free’ money. If the rate is lower than we offer, it could be a ‘buy-down’ rate. A quick explanation is that in reality, you are paying more for your RV than you should and the lender is paying the bank for a lower rate. When you are ready to sell your unit you will find that you owe more that the unit is worth and will have to take cash out of pocket to satisfy the loan. 

 The loan terms for an RV can be up to 20 years and you will need a down payment of 10% - 15%. The terms of the loan, interest rate and down payment are the main things you will need to consider when you are making decisions about RV Financing.

There are many RV lenders for you to choose from. We hope you choose us of course, we understand that the informed buyer will shop around. We are proud of our customer service and that is why you will reach a real person if you call with questions or need help filling out the financing application.   

 What about the lenders that offer 'instant approvals'? In reality they are giving you an ‘instant approval’ based only on your credit score to tie you into a deal. It is likely that the lender will come back with a rate higher than was quoted to you.

You are probably aware that every time your credit score is pulled  by a lender it goes down, sometimes by several points. A question for a potential lender is “How many times will you pull my credit?”  Make sure they will not ‘shot-gun’ your credit by sending the application to multiple banks to see who comes in with the lowest rate.

IRV LOANS.COM offers an easy way to arrange for your RV loan using your computer in the privacy of your home.  Are you aware that your RV loan may qualify as a second home and the tax advantages that go with it. Most RV’s whether a motor home, 5th wheel or travel trailer will qualify because they have eating, sleeping and toilet facilities.  Contact your financial consultant for information.



  Re-financing your RV may be in order if you purchased from a dealer or if your current interest rate is higher than our present rate. The difference of ¼ % interest can mean savings of hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the life of the contract.       

 I RV LOANS not only offers financing but we offer re-financing as well.

Again, from the comfort of your home you can fill out the application on line or if you prefer we can mail or fax one to you, we can also take your application over the phone. There will always be one of our professional staff ready to answer your questions.

Our new and old customers agree that “your best interest is always with us” . There is a minimum finance amout of $35,000.00, you may not finance more than the RV is worth, in other words the amount of the payoff balance.  You can choose to put the money you save back into the payments and decrease the length of your loan, invest the money or just pocket the extra savings. 

As with original financing you must have good credit. Any late or missed payments can alter your credit score. Most lenders cannot finance one who has claimed bankruptcy within the last 8 years. 

The Loan Process for FINANCING or REFINANCING:

v     You will receive a phone call as soon as we receive your application

v     The staff will go over the information you submitted to make sure it is complete before submitting it to the bank

v     You will be notified, usually with in 24 hours if it is approved

v     You will be sent the documents to sign and notarize by overnight mail

v     Mail them to us in the pre-paid envelope provided

v     We will pay off the existing loan by wire as soon as the documents are received.

v     You take possession of the unit and start to enjoy the experience of the RV lifestyle!

 Our staff does all the work, answers all your questions. You can be assured you will receive the lowest rates and best terms available.


 In 1998 the owner of E NET FINANCE, our parent company, put up the first RV Financing site on the internet. Within 12 hours he had his first application. We have been the leader in the on-line RV financing industry ever since. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and Family Motor Coach Association and work directly with all the major RV financing banks. Our rates are always competitive and our service is fast and personalized, our staff will walk you through the easy application process.


We can finance your unit in a Montana LLC or any other state LLC. If you are not familiar with LLC's click here www.rvllc.com for more information.


For peace of mind on the open road good insurance and an extended warranty are necessary. We work with companies that a A rated. Don't settle for an insurance or warranty that are not real RV policies but auto policies that are modified to include your RV. When shopping for either insurance or a warranty be sure to find out what they DON'T cover. Call our staff for more information or request a quote when you fill out the application.



Types of Recreational Vehicles

Class A Motorhome: a motorhome that is built on a chassis that resembles a bus. These motorhomes range from plain and simple to units that include hot tubs, inside and outside entertainment area with TV and stereo and many luxury options.

Class B Motorhome: a van is converted by raising the top and adding cooking and toilet facilities. Usually refered to as a Camper van.

Class C Motorhome: built on a vehicle chassis with a van body and front cab.

Travel Trailer: a rigid sided unit with living facilities towed behind a vehicle by means of a hitch.

Fifth Wheel: similar to a travel trailer but towed by a pick up truck with a special hitch mounted in the bed of the truck.

Diesel Pusher: a motorhome with the diesel engine in the rear.

Diesel Puller: a motorhome with a diesel engine in the front.

Black Tank: holding tank in an RV that holds toilet waste.

Fresh tank: holding tank for fresh water.

Grey Tank: Tank for storing water from kitchen and bathroom sink and tub.

Boondocking: staying in an RV without hooking up to electric, water or sewer facilities. Also known as dry camping or primative camping.

Dump Station: a place where you can empty the holding tanks, usually has water available. Small fee is usually charged.

Pop-Out / Slide-Out / Tip-Out: refers to expanded living area that ‘slides out’ manually or electrically when parked.  Available in motorhomes, 5th wheels and travel trailers.

Snowbird: term for one who lives in a cold climate and heads South in the RV during the winter months.

 Wally World: RV’er slang for Wal Mart.





Give us a try or call with questions!


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